Hex pizza

We made a hex pizza today.  I forget why it came out that way. There’s mozzarella and cheddar on there.  Fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, makes me smile.

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French toast

I likes me some french toast. Did you know that the liquid you dip bread in to make french toast is basically the same as Egg Nog? And, the spices and stuff that goes into it are basically the same as for a pumpkin pie? I use nutmeg, vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon. Make sure to serve with pure maple syrup. None of that HFCS garbage.

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Spaghetti with meat balls

We made spaghetti with meat balls today. That’s some toasted multi-grain bread with olive oil for dipping, in the background. All organic.

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Blackberry tea, hard core.

So I had this idea that blackberry tea would taste a whole lot better with real blackberries in it.

I liked it.

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Strawberry cast iron pie

We made a strawberry pie in our cast iron pan today.  It was pretty yummy.  The photo makes it look a little mushy, but honestly this doesn’t matter.

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Big strawberries

I’m not from round here. The strawberries here blew my mind. Now, I’m a grown man. By no means do I have small hands, but I could barely hold three berries.

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Fast food burger

Step 1 – Get one pound of regular or lean ground beef. Separate the beef into eight portions. Make each portion into a patty by rolling it into a ball and pressing it flat, about one-quarter of an inch thick and a little wider than the bun. Put each patty on a piece of wax paper and stack them up. Wash your hands!
Step 2 – Stick the stack of patties in the freezer. Frozen patties are easier to handle and taste more like fast food. Freeze for at least two hours. For less frustration, prepare the patties yesterday.
Step 3 – My special sauce is: one tablespoon mayo, one tablespoon ketchup, half teaspoon relish and half teaspoon mustard. Mix it up. Tip: you can make this sauce at most restaurants if they serve you a burger without sauce!
Step 4 – It smells and tastes a lot better than it looks.
Step 5 – Get the patties out of the freezer and separate two of them from the stack. You might have to microwave the stack for 15 seconds to get them to separate. Here I have also prepared chopped onion and tomato. Yum!
Step 6 – Get the pan hot, about medium-low heat. Toast the bun and set it aside. Use a sesame seed bun if you’re going for a more authentic fast food style than I did here.
Step 7 – Here’s the list of things to season the patties while they cook: salt, pepper and magic powder. Yes that’s MSG. We’re going to use three shakes MSG, two shakes pepper, and one shake salt on each side of the patty.
Step 8 – Using two one-eighth pound patties instead of one quarter-pound patty makes a tastier burger because it cooks more evenly. Season, flip, season, flip.
Step 9 – Basically just cook the patties until they stop bleeding. That’s about three or four minutes per side. Flip as needed.
Step 10 – Throw in the bacon when there’s a few minutes left. You’ll want to choose your bacon carefully, since bad tasting bacon will completely ruin the burger.
Step 11 – Burger, cheese, burger, cheese…
Step 12 – … bacon!
Step 13 – Spead the special sauce over the inside of the top bun.
Step 14 – Add pickle slices, chopped onion and tomato to the top bun. Tip: the pickle flavor is key for that fast food feel.
Step 15 – Wash a nice leaf of lettice, tear it up and put it on the top. Ketchup lovers will want to squirt some additional ketchup onto the bottom at this point.
Step 16 – Flip the bottom onto the top, and flip the whole thing over. You may find some of the bits and pieces fall out here. Hey, fast food is messy. You could try putting the bacon on the bottom instead of the middle, which may help. Serve with fries and cola!
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