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Fig Bars

We made home-made fig bars today, from scratch. Nice recipe we found with some modifications. We used fresh figs instead of dried figs to make the filling, we cut down the sugar and we didn’t run anything through a food … Continue reading

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Organic dark chocolate wars, part 1

We got some organic dark chocolate bars today. From left to right we have Grenada 71%, Rapunzel 70%, and Equal Exchange 71%. First let’s look at the packaging. The Rapunzel bar has an old-school foil inner wrapper, giving it a … Continue reading

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Fried Dumplings

Visiting family for Christmas. We made home-made Chinese pork dumplings! And then we fried them! Significant yum.

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Exotic fruits

We bought some exotic fruit at the grocery today. The first one is dragon fruit. Now, the first thing you’ll likely notice about dragon fruit is that it was brought here to the Earth by space aliens. When you cut … Continue reading

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Big strawberries

I’m not from round here. The strawberries here blew my mind. Now, I’m a grown man. By no means do I have small hands, but I could barely hold three berries.

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