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Fig Bars

We made home-made fig bars today, from scratch. Nice recipe we found with some modifications. We used fresh figs instead of dried figs to make the filling, we cut down the sugar and we didn’t run anything through a food … Continue reading

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Fried Dumplings

Visiting family for Christmas. We made home-made Chinese pork dumplings! And then we fried them! Significant yum.

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Cast iron pear upside down cake

Here’s a nice pear upside down cake, cooked in our favorite cast iron pan. Can’t beat that for simplicity. It came out pretty nice.

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Cookie failure

Well, these cookies didn’t exactly turn out like I’d hoped. Something about my oven temperature, or the amount of baking powder or something, made them flatten out too much. Next time, Gadget. Next time.

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Basil pizza

Sometimes you make a pizza and it just turns out. This one is made with whole-wheat dough, and fresh basil on top.

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Chicken parmesan

Chicken parmesan.  Oh yeah. Someday I might show you how to make this.  Crispy cheese on top, all tomatoey and such.  Juicy chicken on the inside.

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Peanut butter cookies

We made peanut butter cookies today.  We got this recipe from Martha Stewart.  That woman knows her cookies.  Personally, I’d like them to be a little more chewy.  I need to do some homework on that.

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First time crepes

We tried making crepes for the first time today.  It nearly almost worked.  I can tell you, these things were yummy.  But as you can see from the photographs, they came out somewhat irregular.  Check out the golden crispiness and … Continue reading

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Hex pizza

We made a hex pizza today.  I forget why it came out that way. There’s mozzarella and cheddar on there.  Fresh mushrooms and tomatoes, makes me smile.

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French toast

I likes me some french toast. Did you know that the liquid you dip bread in to make french toast is basically the same as Egg Nog? And, the spices and stuff that goes into it are basically the same … Continue reading

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